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21.28.020 Mobile Home Park (MHP) Overlay Coastal Zoning District. <br />A. Uses Allowed. Uses allowed in the MHP Overlay Coastal Zoning District include only <br />those uses listed below. When an MHP Overlay Coastal Zoning District is applied to an <br />area, all uses previously allowed in the underlying Coastal Zoning district are no longer <br />allowed. <br />Mobile Home Parks. Mobile home parks as regulated by the State of California <br />pursuant to the Mobile Home Parks Act (Health and Safety Code Section 18300) <br />and the California Coastal Act (Public Resources Code Division 20). <br />2. Accessory Structures and Uses. Accessory structures and uses incidental to <br />the operation of mobile home parks (e.g., recreation facilities and/or community <br />centers of a noncommercial nature, either public or private, storage facilities for the <br />use of the mobile home park residents, and any other structures or uses that are <br />incidental to the operation of a mobile home park). <br />B. Land Use and Development Standards. The standards are those established by the <br />base zoning district (e.g., RM). The MHP Overlay does not modify land use or property <br />development regulations. <br />8C. Removal of the Mobile Home Park Overlay District. Removal of the MHP designation <br />shall be initiated as a Coastal Zonina Mao amendment throuah a Local Coastal Proaram <br />amendment. The Council shall not approve a Coastal Zoning Map amendment that would <br />remove the MHP designation from a property, unless all of the following findings have first <br />been made: <br />The proposed Coastal Zoning is consistent with the Coastal Land Use Plan, and in <br />the event the proposed Coastal Zoning is Planned Community, the PC <br />Development Plan has been submitted and is consistent with the Coastal Land <br />Use Plan; <br />2. The property which is the subject of the Coastal Zoning Map amendment would be <br />more appropriately developed in compliance with the uses allowed by the <br />underlying base coastal zoning, or proposed Coastal Zoning, and if the underlying <br />base coastal zoning or proposed Coastal Zoning is Planned Community, that a PC <br />Development Plan has been submitted and the property would be more <br />appropriately developed with the uses specified in that development plan; and <br />3. A mobile home park phase out plan and report on the impact of conversion, <br />closure, or cessation of the use on the displaced residents of the mobile home park <br />has been prepared, reviewed, and found to be acceptable and consistent with the <br />provisions of the California Government Code. <br />a. A phase out plan shall not be found to be acceptable unless it includes all of <br />the following: <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.28-2 <br />11-163 <br />