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are not used to determine development areas, but are only used to determine the <br />maximum floor area limit for the lot, if applicable. <br />1. Development Area A— Principal and Accessory Structures. Area A allows for <br />the development and use of principal and accessory <br />structures. Accessory structures allowed in Areas B and C are allowed in Area A. <br />2. Development Area B — Accessory Structures. Area B allows for the <br />development 'including suilie.a. and use of accessory structures listed <br />below. Principal structures are not allowed. <br />a. Allowed Accessory Structures. The following accessory structures are <br />allowed in Area B: <br />i. Accessory structures allowed in Area C are allowed within Area B. <br />ii. Barbecues. <br />iii. Decks. <br />iv. Detached or attached patio covers (solid or lattice). <br />V. Fences, walls, and retaining walls in compliance with Section <br />21.30.040 (Fences, Hedges, Walls, and Retaining Walls). <br />vi. Fireplaces and fire pits. <br />vii. Gazebos. <br />viii. Outdoor play equipment. <br />ix. Patios. <br />X. Platforms. <br />A. Porches. <br />xii. Above ground Sspas and hot tubs. <br />xiii. Swimming pools (25 -foot setback required on bluffs subject to <br />marine erosion). <br />xiv. Terraces. <br />xv. Similar structures. <br />xvi. Benches. <br />xvii. Guardrails and handrails required by building code. <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.28-7 <br />