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2. Width of Parking Aisle. The width of parking aisles may be reduced by the Public <br />Works Director in unique situations arising from narrow lots or existing built <br />conditions when traffic safety concerns have been addressed. <br />TABLE 21.40-3 <br />STANDARD VEHICLE SPACE REQUIREMENTS <br />Angle Stall Width <br />f 1)(31 <br />Stall Depth Stall Length <br />u u <br />Aisle Width <br />One -Way Two -Way <br />Parallel 8 ft. <br />N/A 22 ft. <br />14 ft. <br />24 ft. <br />30 8 ft. 6 in. <br />16 ft. 17 ft. <br />14 ft. <br />N/A <br />45 8 ft. 6 in. <br />18 ft. 17 ft. <br />14 ft. <br />N/A <br />60 8 ft. 6 in. <br />19 ft. 17 ft. <br />18 ft. <br />N/A <br />90 8 ft. 6 in. <br />17 ft. 17 ft. <br />26 ft. <br />26 ft. <br />(1) When the length of a parking <br />space abuts a wall, or similar obstruction, the required width of the space shall be <br />increased to nine feet. <br />(2) Measured perpendicular to aisle. <br />(3) Structural elements shall not encroach into the required stall, with the exception of a one square foot area at the <br />front corners. <br />3. Bumper Overhang Areas. A maximum of two and one-half feet of the parking <br />stall depth may be landscaped with low -growing, hearty materials in lieu of paving <br />or an adjacent walkway may be increased, allowing a two and one-half foot <br />bumper overhang while maintaining the required parking dimensions. <br />4. Compact Parking. Compact parking spaces shall not be allowed. However, <br />where they exist at the time of adoption of this Zoning Code they may remain and <br />shall not be considered a nonconforming condition <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.40-12 <br />11-316 <br />