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2. On -street parking shall not be counted towards meeting any parking requirements; <br />3. The off-site, off-street parking shall not impact public parking available for coastal <br />access; <br />4. Use of the parking facility shall not create undue traffic hazards or impacts in the <br />surrounding area; and <br />5. The parking facility shall be permanently available, marked, and maintained for the <br />use it is intended to serve. <br />6. Public parking facilities may only be used as an off-site parking facility as part of an <br />overall Parking Management Plan. <br />C. Parking Agreement. A parking agreement, which guarantees the long-term availability of <br />the parking facility for the use it is intended to serve, shall be recorded with the County <br />Recorder's Office. The agreement shall be in a form approved by the City Attorney and the <br />Director. <br />D. Loss of Off -Site Parking. <br />1. Notification of Citv. The owner or operator of a business that uses an aooroved <br />off-site parking facility to satisfy the parking requirements of this chapter shall <br />immediately notify the Director of any change of ownership or use of the property <br />where the spaces are located, or changes in the use that the spaces are intended <br />to serve, or of any termination or default of the agreement between the parties. <br />2. Effect of Termination of Agreement. Upon notification that the agreement for the <br />required off-site parking has terminated, the Director shall establish a reasonable <br />time in which one of the following shall occur: <br />a. Substitute parking is provided that is acceptable to the Director; or <br />b. The size or capacity of the use is reduced in proportion to the parking <br />spaces lost. <br />21.40.110 — Adjustments to Off -Street Parking Requirements <br />The number of parking spaces required by this chapter may be reduced only in compliance with <br />the following standards and procedures. <br />A. Reduction of Required Off -Street Parking. Off-street parking requirements may be <br />reduced as follows: <br />Reduced Parking Demand. Required off-street parking may be reduced in <br />compliance with the following conditions: <br />a. The applicant has provided sufficient data, including a parking study if <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.40-14 <br />11-318 <br />