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required by the Director, to indicate that parking demand will be less than <br />the required number of spaces or that other parking is available (e.g., City <br />parking lot located nearby, on -street parking available, greater than normal <br />walk in trade, mixed-use development); and <br />A parking management plan shall be prepared in compliance with <br />subsection (GB) of this section (Parking Management Plan). <br />2. Joint Use of Parking Facilities. Required off-street parking may be reduced <br />where two or more nonresidential uses on the same site or immediately adjacent <br />sites have distinct and differing peak parking demands (e.g., a theater and a bank). <br />The review authority may grant a joint use of parking spaces between the uses that <br />results in a reduction in the total number of required parking spaces. <br />GB. Parking Management Plan. When a parking management plan to mitigate impacts <br />associated with a reduction in the number of required parking spaces is proposed, as <br />allowed feed by this chapter, the parking management plan may include, but is not <br />limited to, the following when required by the review authority: <br />Restricting land uses to those that have hours or days of operation so that the <br />same parking spaces can be used by two or more uses without conflict; <br />2. Restricting land uses with high parking demand characteristics; <br />3. Securing off-site parking; <br />4. Providing parking attendants and valet parking; -a -Rd <br />5. Utilization of Transportation Demand Management strategies that promote the use <br />of alternative transportation modes (e.g., ridesharing, carpools, vanpools, public <br />transit, shuttles, bicycles and walking) pursuant to Section 21.44.035 <br />(Transportation Demand Management); and <br />56. Other appropriate mitigation measures. <br />BC. Required Data. In reaching a decision to allow a reduction of required parking spaces, the <br />review authority shall consider data submitted by the applicant or collected/prepared at <br />the applicant's expense and any other data that is available to the review authority. <br />₮D. Impact to Coastal Access Prohibited. No application for a reduction in the number of <br />off-street parking requirements shall be approved that impacts public parking available for <br />coastal access. <br />21.40.120 — Parking Management Districts <br />Properties within a parking management (PM) overlay district may be exempted from all or part of <br />the off-street parking requirements of this chapter in compliance with the provisions of the <br />adopted parking management district plan per Section 21.28.030(Parking Management (PM) <br />Overlay District). <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.40-15 <br />11-319 <br />