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Plain Text and Plain Bolded Text = City -proposed IP language <br />Underlined Text = Inserted Language, CCC Suggested Modification <br />Text in Strike Out = Deleted Language, CCC Suggested Modification <br />Chapter 21.44 — Transportation and Circulation <br />Sections: <br />21.44.010 <br />Purpose <br />21.44.020 <br />Site Design <br />21.44.035 <br />Transportation Demand Management <br />21.44.045 <br />Vacations and Abandonments <br />21.44.055 <br />Temporary Street Closures <br />21.44.010 — Purpose <br />The purposes of this chapter are to promote alternative transportation and to protect public <br />access infrastructure within the Coastal Zone. <br />21.44.025 — Alternative Transportation <br />A. Site Design. New development shall incorporate the following alternative transportation <br />design and site characteristics, where feasible: <br />1. Employment, retail, and entertainment districts and coastal recreational areas <br />should be well served by public transit and easily accessible to pedestrians and <br />bicyclists. <br />2. Streets, sidewalks, bicycle paths, and recreational trails (including the Coastal <br />Trail) should be designed and regulated to encourage walking, bicycling, and <br />transit ridership. <br />3. Provide connections to existing and proposed bikeways and trail systems. <br />4. Maintain, expand, and encourage the use of bikeways and trails as alternative <br />circulation routes. <br />B. Public Water Transportation. Pedestrian access and waiting areas shall be <br />provided on waterfront sites where public water transportation exists or is <br />anticipated to exist within five (5) years. <br />21.44.035 — Transportation Demand Management <br />A. Applicability. The requirements of this section shall apply to all new <br />nonresidential nrdevelopment, nonresidential portions of mixed-use projects, and <br />employment centers that are estimated to employ two h6lRdFed fi#y (250) 100 or more <br />persons. Additionally, all new nonresidential development between the sea and the first <br />public road shall be required to incorporate the appropriate transportation demand <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.44-1 <br />11-322 <br />