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7. Bus Stop Improvements. Bus stop improvements, including bus pullouts, bus <br />pads, and right-of-way for bus benches and shelters shall be required for <br />developments located along arterials where public transit exists or is anticipated to <br />exist within five years. Improvements shall be developed in consideration of the <br />level of transit ridership and the impact of stopped buses on other traffic. <br />8. Sidewalks. Sidewalks or other paved pathways connecting the external <br />pedestrian circulation system to each building in the development shall be <br />provided. <br />SD. Equivalent Facilities or Measures. The project applicant shall have the option of <br />deleting or modifying any or all of the site development requirements if equivalent facilities <br />or measures are provided. The applicant shall demonstrate the equivalency of the <br />proposed measures to the satisfaction of the applicable review authority. <br />21.44.045 — Vacations and Abandonments <br />A. Authority. The City Council shall have the authority to approve, conditionally approve, <br />or disapprove applications to vacate public rights of way and to abandon public service <br />easements where a findina of consistencv can be made with the Local Coastal Proaram <br />and, where applicable, with the public access and recreation policies of Chapter 3 of the <br />Coastal Act. <br />B. Coastal Development Permit Required. The fGIIGWiRg typeS Of v <br />Vacations, a44d-abandonments, or any other transfer to a private entity of any public land <br />or interest in public land (including a road easement or right-of-way) in the Coastal Zone <br />shall require a coastal development permit, subject to the following limitations: <br />Conversion to Private Streets. The conversion of public streets to private <br />streets is ^"Iy allowed where prohibited unless, in addition to the findings required <br />for the coastal development permit aoDlication in Section 21.52.015 (F). findinas <br />are made, supported by substantial evidence, that such a conversion is consistent <br />with applicable provisions of the certified LCP and, if located between the nearest <br />public road and the sea, the public access and recreation policies of Chapter 3 of <br />the Coastal Act. includina but not limited to. specific findinas that conversion of a <br />public street to a private street would not inhibit public access to and along the <br />shoreline and to beaches, coastal parks, trails, or coastal bluffs. <br />2. Public Street Ends. No public street end identified as providing public access by <br />the Coastal Land Use Plan shall be vacated, abandoned or transferred to a private <br />entity unless in association with an approved coastal development permit for a <br />project which incorporates within its design a provision for equal or superior <br />coastal access for the public. <br />3. Coastal Access Easements. No coastal access easement shall be <br />abandoned or transferred to a private entity 61RIess determiRed by the Gity GGI,r,, <br />Newport Beach LCP Implementation Plan <br />Page 21.44-3 <br />11-324 <br />