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Filming Planning Commission Meetings; Amendment to Council Policy A-13 <br />January 24, 2017 <br />Page 2 <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Background <br />On February 23, 2016, the City Council discussed the televising of Planning Commission <br />meetings. The City Council weighed the cost of doing so, along with wondering whether <br />the decorum, pacing, and quality of the Planning Commission meetings may change as <br />a result of filming. In the end, the City Council voted 4-2 (Mr. Curry absent) to not move <br />forward with filming Planning Commission meetings at that time. <br />Mayor Muldoon and others have asked that the City Council consider whether it would be <br />appropriate to tape/film the Planning Commission meetings for later web -streaming on <br />the City's website. <br />NBTV is available to Newport Beach Time Warner Cable customers on channel 3, Cox <br />Communications customers on channel 852 and is live streamed through the City's <br />website at The City has traditionally used the channel to <br />broadcast City Council meetings, some original programming and a community bulletin <br />board. City Council meetings and most programs are saved and available for replay <br />through the City's website. <br />Planning Commission Meetings <br />The Planning Commission generally meets twice per month on the Thursdays preceding <br />City Council meetings. There are some occasions; however, when the commission meets <br />one time during a month due to a lack of items to be considered. The meetings last, on <br />average, about 90 minutes but can be shorter or longer in length due to a meeting's <br />agenda topics. Planning Commission meetings are not currently broadcast on NBTV or <br />recorded for replay via the City's website. <br />Proposed Cost to Film Planning Commission Meetings <br />Newport Beach & Company, which is under contract to provide filming services like this, <br />developed a rough cost estimate in 2016 for filming Planning Commission meetings. It <br />should be noted that Newport Beach & Company provided a conservative cost estimate <br />based on filming 24, three-hour meetings annually. The estimated cost is about $4,000 <br />per year, though this amount is still subject to negotiation with Newport Beach & <br />Company. If the Planning Commission meetings continue to average about 90 minutes <br />in length, the annual cost would, of course, be lower. <br />If the City Council wishes to pursue this, staff will work with Newport Beach & Company <br />to tape the Planning Commission meetings for later web -streaming on the City's website. <br />12-2 <br />