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K-3 <br />6/9/80 <br />DWLEMENTATION OF THE CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT -- Page 7 <br />X. REQUIRED NOTICES. All Negative Declarations and all EIR's shall bg,-/' <br />filed with the Orange County Clerk or the•Secretary,of the State,/ <br />Resources Agency in the manner prescribed in Sections 15083 an� <br />15085 of the State Guidelines. <br />ff: <br />*XI. FEES. There will be a fee of 10% of the consultant's fee £"or the <br />review and processing of Negative Declarations and EIR's'. <br />XII. AUTHORITY OF DIRECTOR OF PLANNING DEPARTMENT. The anning Director <br />shall be responsible for the interpretation of th State Guidelines <br />and this policy statement as they may affect any articular activity, <br />except for City public works projects for whit the Public Works <br />Director shall be responsible. j <br />XIII. ENVIRONMENTAL -AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: <br />A. Membership. An Environmental Affair's Committee is hereby <br />established for the purpose of rev ewing draft environmental <br />impact reports. The Environment{ Affairs Committee shall <br />consist of the Planning Directoy, or his designated repre- <br />sentative; the Director of Public Works, or his designated <br />representative. The Director of Parks, Beaches and Recreation, <br />or his designated representgive, and a representative from <br />the City Manager's Office, o be designated by the City <br />Manager, may be invited a required. <br />B. Powers and Duties. The vironmental Affairs Committee <br />Al <br />shall review all draft nvironmental Impact Reports and <br />Negative Declarations After an initial review, the <br />committee shall requ st any additional information as may <br />be necessary to co lete or clarify the draft report. <br />When the committee has determined that the draft report <br />is complete, it s all forward its findings and recommenda- <br />tions to the Pl ning Commission. <br />C. Referral to Ci ixens' Environmental Quality Control Advisor <br />Commi/tteea Environmental Affairs Committee, when it <br />findsproject may have a particularly significant <br />effeche environment, shall request the Planning <br />Commirefer the draft EIR to the Citizens' Environ- <br />mentaControl Advisory Commrittee. If the Planning <br />Commicurs with the recommendation of the Environ- <br />mentaCommittee, the Commission shall refer the <br />drafthe Citizens' Environmental Quality Control <br />Advisory Committee and request the Committee to forward <br />its recommendations to the Environmental Affairs Committee. <br />If the Environmental Affairs Committee has not requested <br />*Ahmended June 9. 198o <br />