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K-3 10/17/74 <br />IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT -- Page 5 <br />A. A change in the character of an area by a difference in use, <br />intensity, size or configuration is created; <br />B. Substantial grading, excavating or other alteration to the <br />natural topography is involved; <br />C. The shoreline or waters of the bay or ocean either directly <br />or indirectly is affected. <br />Every proposed project shall be reviewed and evaluated in terms <br />of these criteria by the City staff. Any proposal for a residential <br />project shall indicate both gross and net densities in accordance <br />with definitions contained in the Residential Growth Element of the <br />General Plan. Where the City 'staff can clearly determine that a <br />project will have no significant environmental impact, no further <br />action need be taken. However, where there is a possibility that a <br />project may have a significant environmental impact, an initial <br />study must be done in accordance with Section 15080. In preparing the <br />initial study, the City may request the applicant to provide any nec- <br />essary information. <br />VI. NEGATIVE DECLARATION,{' After the initial study, if it is determined <br />that a particular project will not actually have a significant <br />environmental impacts; a Negative Declaration must be prepared in <br />the manner prescri,,ed in Section 15083 of the State Guidelines. <br />VII. PREPARING AN EIR.;' After the initial study, if it is determined <br />that the project may have a significant environmental impact, an <br />EIR shall be prepared in the manner prescribed in Sections 15084, <br />15085, and 151.40 through 15144. <br />In preparingaAn EIR, the following procedures shall be adhered to: <br />A. The E.AS`C. may require the applicant to prepare and submit a <br />draft EMIR, or the Committee may, at its discretion, employ <br />indepeA'dent outside experts or consultants to prepare all of <br />portins of the draft EIR. In the latter case the Committee <br />willdassure that all information necessary for the preparation <br />of, tas <br />e EIR is furnished by the applicant. EIR's under contract <br />bydeveloper on the effective date of this policy, shall be <br />us7. the basic document for review, modification, or analysis <br />by'the City. <br />B. Tale expert or 'consultant employed by the City shall prepare a <br />cope oi,services and establish a fee which shall be reviewed <br />and approved by the E.A.C. The fees and charges for the pre- <br />paration of the EIR by outside experts and consultants employed <br />by the Committee, and reasonable administrative expenses, shall <br />be charged to the applicant and shall be paid to the City prior <br />to the approval or issuance of any permits. The Committee may <br />require such deposits as are deemed necessary to assure charges <br />will be covered. Any unused deposit will be returned to the <br />applicant. <br />Amended - September 10, 1973 <br />Amended - October 15, 1974 <br />