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D-1 <br />Investigations and routine community relations activities may also be <br />reported directly to the media by the designated Fire or Police Department <br />spokespersons. All news releases should also be copied to the City Manager <br />and the City's Public Information Office. <br />2. Format <br />All City representatives shall use standard City of Newport Beach news <br />release stationery and follow City news release format and writing style to <br />distribute information to the media. News releases shall include the name <br />of and contact information for the designated spokesperson to contact for <br />additional information. <br />3. City Council Notification <br />All news releases shall be distributed to the Mayor and members of the City <br />Council prior to release to the media if practical, or immediately thereafter. <br />4. Staff Notification <br />All information - written or spoken - released to the media by a member of <br />the City staff will be immediately communicated via e-mail to the City <br />Manager, appropriate Department Head and Public Information Office. <br />The e-mail should contain a brief synopsis of the information <br />communicated, the name and phone number of the person interviewed, the <br />reporter's name, the name of the media outlet, and when the story is <br />expected to appear. <br />5. Release of Reports <br />Reports prepared by City staff for submission to the City Council shall not <br />be shared with the media or the general public until the agenda packets <br />have been delivered to the City Council. <br />6. Confidential Information <br />News Releases shall not contain information, which is confidential <br />pursuant to provisions of State or Federal statutory or decisional law, or <br />which has been received by the City pursuant to a representation of <br />confidentiality. Documents or information exempt from disclosure <br />0 <br />