Laserfiche WebLink
lwt <br />B. External Links <br />The City of Newport Beach website may provide hyperlinks (hereinafter "links") <br />to external websites that provide additional information on selected topics. Links <br />shall be posted at the City's sole discretion, and shall not be posted at the request <br />of third parties. City websites shall only contain external links that: (1) are <br />determined to fall within the categories described below, and/or (2) are <br />determined to be consistent with the purposes of this Policy as stated above. <br />No external links shall be construed as an endorsement of, and the City of <br />Newport is not responsible for, the content of any such external websites. An <br />external link is not intended to create a designated or limited public forum on any <br />portion of the City website. If the City decides to post an external link on one of <br />its websites, the City alone shall determine how, when and where links are located <br />on its website. <br />1. The City Manager or his/her designee may approve links within the <br />following categories: <br />a. Other government agencies; <br />b. Firms with franchise agreements with the City, such as for utilities, <br />cable TV and/or internet service, waste removal and other similar <br />companies which provide service to residents of the City under <br />agreement with the City; <br />C. Links to corporate or company sites that provide web -based <br />automated solutions specifically designed for use by the City and/or <br />the public through the City website. These applications may be <br />hosted internally or externally; <br />d. Organizations in a direct contractual relationship with the City, that <br />receive funding in the form of either monetary or in-kind <br />contribution from the City to promote the economic and cultural <br />development of the City, in areas such as commerce, dining, tourism, <br />and arts and entertainment within the City; <br />e. For the Newport Beach Public Library ("Library") website, and/or <br />any section of the City website used for Library purposes, links that <br />support the Library's mission to meet the cultural, educational and <br />informational needs of Library customers. <br />2. The City website shall not include links to websites that: <br />0 <br />