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K-1 <br />GENERAL PLAN AND LOCAL COASTAL PROGRAM <br />Manner of Adoption And Amendment <br />The General Plan, the Local Coastal Program (LCP), or any part or element thereof, and <br />any amendment to such plan or any part or element thereof, shall be adopted in the <br />following manner: <br />A. Pre -hearing Consultation. <br />1. LCP Notice of Availability - Review Drafts. For a LCP and LCP <br />amendments, a notice of the availability of the review draft of the LCP or <br />LCP amendment shall be made as soon as the draft is available, but at a <br />minimum of at least six (6) weeks before final City Council action on the <br />document in compliance with California Code of Regulations Section <br />13515(c), or any successor regulation. <br />The Planning Division shall make available review drafts for public perusal <br />at the offices of the Community Development Department and at all <br />branches of the City library. <br />2. Tribal Consultation. For a General Plan and General Plan amendments, the <br />City shall send notice to California Native American tribes identified by the <br />Native American Heritage Commission of the opportunity to conduct <br />consultations for the purpose of preserving, or mitigating impacts to, <br />cultural places located on land that may be affected by the proposed plan <br />adoption or amendment. Tribes shall have 90 days from the date on which <br />they receive notification to request consultation, unless the tribe has agreed <br />to a shorter timeframe. Notification by the City shall be in accordance with <br />Government Code Section 65352.3, or any successor statute. <br />B. Public Hearing - Planning Commission. <br />The Planning Commission shall hold at least one public hearing before making a <br />recommendation to the City Council on a General Plan, LCP, or any part or <br />element thereof, or any amendment to such plan or any part or element thereof. <br />Advanced notice of the hearing and the procedures for the conduct of the hearing <br />shall be the same as those required by the Zoning Code for a code amendment. <br />C. Recommendation by Planning Commission - Resolution. The recommendation by <br />the Planning Commission to the City Council on the General Plan, LCP, or any <br />