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PALEONTOLOGICAL AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL <br />RESOURCE PROTECTION GUIDELINES <br />General Policy <br />*x.7 <br />The City will ensure that potential impacts to paleontological and archaeological <br />resources by public or private development are properly evaluated and mitigated in <br />accordance with the General Plan, Local Coastal Program and the California <br />Environmental Quality Act. <br />Procedures <br />A. During the preparation of an initial study for a project, staff or a qualified <br />consultant shall determine if paleontological or archaeological resources exist at <br />or near a project site. If the site is located in the Coastal Zone, the requirements <br />and procedures provided in Newport Beach Municipal Code Section <br />21.30.105(A), or any successor statute, shall be implemented. <br />B. If resources are known to exist at or near a project site or that, the project could <br />otherwise affect known resources, a preliminary investigation report shall be <br />prepared by a qualified professional archaeologist or paleontologist. <br />C. If the preliminary investigation report concludes that resources are not likely to <br />be at the present at the project site or encountered during construction, no further <br />analysis shall be required. <br />D. If the preliminary report concludes that resources are present at the site or are <br />likely to be present at the site or may be encountered by project construction, <br />additional investigative work shall be prepared to identify and disclose the <br />potential impacts of the project. The impact assessment report shall make every <br />effort to identify the value of the resource and shall identify feasible design <br />modifications or other methods to avoid and/or minimize project -related <br />impacts. The impact assessment report may include a suggested excavation plan <br />for assessing or mitigating the effect of the project on the qualities which make <br />the resource important if avoidance is considered infeasible. The impact <br />assessment report shall also identify feasible mitigation measures that can be <br />either incorporated within project specifications or applied as conditions of <br />approval. <br />E. If paleontological or archaeological resources are discovered during construction, <br />all construction activities in the general area of the discovery shall be temporarily <br />halted until the resource is examined by a qualified monitor. The monitor shall <br />