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Amendments to Setback Maps S -3A and S-313 (PA2016-066) <br />September 12, 2017 <br />Page 2 <br />9-I&SILO N <br />Proiect Settin <br />The subject amendments affect eight properties located on Lido Isle; seven are located <br />north of Piazza Lido and one is located south of Piazza Lido, and all have frontages on <br />Piazza Lido. The lots are within the R-1 (Single Unit Residential) Zoning District, which is <br />intended to provide for single unit residential land uses. Table 1 provides General Plan <br />and zoning information. <br />Table 1 <br />Existing General Plan and Zoning Information <br />VICINITY MAP <br />A 300 Piazza Lido <br />__rf <br />•^ 3 28 P <br />iazz <br />\l <br />*,.. i = , _ .3411 <br />32,Piazza Lldo �: `., �AM <br />•"�.-,, "f �9„`• ,, ' <br />-408 Pia;Za Lido <br />412 Piazza Ludo <br />a ' K - - \, _ •. °` r 416 Piazza Lida <br />ria , <br />Via Ithaca <br />~a * \ <br />335 Piazza Lida <br />coo <br />23-2 <br />