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Amendments to Setback Maps S -3A and S-313 (PA2016-066) <br />September 12, 2017 <br />Page 3 <br />GENERAL PLAN <br />ZONING <br />r, <br />°°r i � <br />; <br />• , 4 <br />a * <br />9 <br />r <br />y + i <br />•° <br />a yep <br />{ <br />• �/ <br />' h• <br />s 4n <br />rh <br />° <br />Y w <br />Raq � <br />2 <br />A •e, <br />2 <br />' <br />r a <br />' <br />r <br />LOCATION <br />GENERAL PLAN <br />ZONING <br />CURRENT USE <br />ON-SITE <br />RS -D (Single -Unit Residential <br />R-1 (Single -Unit <br />Dwelling <br />Detached <br />Residential)Single-Unit <br />NORTH <br />RS -D <br />R-1 <br />Single -Unit Dwelling <br />SOUTH <br />RS -D <br />11 R-1 <br />Single -Unit Dwelling <br />EAST <br />RS -D <br />R-1 <br />Single -Unit Dwelling <br />WEST <br />RS -D 11 <br />R-1 11 <br />Sin le -Unit Dwelling <br />Background and Prosect Description <br />In 2010, the City substantially updated the Zoning Code. The update included digitizing <br />historic maps that identified setbacks for many properties. These digitized maps are <br />referred to as setback maps in the current Zoning Code and Local Coastal Program <br />Implementation Plan (IP). Setback Maps S -3A and S-313 apply to Lido Isle properties. <br />During the Code update and transition in map format, eight properties were inadvertently <br />labeled incorrectly on Setback Maps S -3A and S-313. In seven of the eight cases, setbacks <br />labeled on the new setback maps were not referenced on the historic maps. In one case <br />(335 Piazza Lido), a front setback was labeled unclearly. Changes to setbacks on Lido <br />Isle were not contemplated during the 2010 Zoning Code update and in digitizing the <br />maps, the intent was to carry forward the same historic zoning and setbacks rather than <br />to alter or add to them. Figure 1 identifies the affected properties and property lines. <br />23-3 <br />