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Purchase of Real Property Located at 2807 Newport Boulevard <br />for Relocation of Fire Station No. 2 <br />September 12, 2017 <br />Page 2 <br />FUNDING REQUIREMENTS: <br />A Budget Amendment is required to record and appropriate the property acquisition <br />expenditure, which, once approved, will be funded with $804,393.25 from the former <br />Cultural and Arts Fund, $900,000 from the Building Excise Tax Fund, and $2,305,606.75 <br />from the Facilities Financial Planning Fund. The acquisition will not have a material impact <br />on the Facilities Financial Plan. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Background <br />Constructed in 1953, Fire Station No. 2 is adjacent to the Lido House Hotel (now under <br />construction) on 32nd street. The existing site is approximately 11,612 square feet (sf) <br />(10,198 sf at the existing site, plus approximately 1,414 sf of the street which will be <br />incorporated into the site with the completion of the off-site improvements related to the <br />Lido House Hotel project) (Attachment C). Fire Station No. 2 is scheduled for replacement <br />in the Fiscal Year 2018 Capital Improvement Plan budget due to the age and condition of <br />the existing structure. <br />Existing Site Challenges <br />Fire Station No. 2 houses critical emergency response equipment not found at other <br />nearby stations. With one of two ladder trucks in the City, the existing Fire Station No. 2 <br />site does not effectively accommodate the size and turning radius of the ladder truck, <br />which typically requires pull-through access (driving through the garage from the rear to <br />the front) to the garage bays. Currently, the ladder truck must back into the station, which <br />requires personnel to exit the vehicles, stop traffic, and direct the trucks to back into the <br />bay. Having personnel in the street directing traffic, especially at dusk and during <br />nighttime hours, places them at risk with approaching vehicles in addition to disrupting <br />traffic flows. Fire personnel have reported "close calls" with oncoming vehicles. <br />Completion of the Lido House Hotel is scheduled for early 2018, and will bring more <br />tourists and visitors unfamiliar with fire station operations to the streets around the station. <br />Fire Station No. 2 houses one of the City's three paramedic ambulances, and one of two <br />transport ambulances. Typically, ambulance vehicles park inside the station garage. At <br />Fire Station No. 2 the transport ambulance must park outside behind the station because <br />there is not enough room for the ladder truck, fire engine, and both ambulances inside <br />the garage. <br />Additionally, not all fire personnel are able to park their personal vehicles on the existing <br />site. Staff uses five parking spaces in the adjacent shopping center to park their vehicles, <br />but no long-term solution for off-site fire personnel parking has been found. <br />During the preliminary design phase for the station replacement project, it became clear <br />that it is likely impossible to combine a new building with pull-through access, and provide <br />the necessary on-site parking at the existing site. <br />26-2 <br />