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Dynamic Strategy Group <br />Exhibit A Scope of Services <br />Consultant's services shall include, but not necessarily be limited to: <br />1. Identifying and obtaining education on City's key goals toward improving carrier departures at <br />John Wayne Airport ("JWA"). <br />Improving/providing access to key members of air carriers' staff who make flight and fleet <br />decisions at JWA. Key carriers are United, American, Alaska, Delta, Southwest, and Frontier <br />("Key Carriers"). <br />3. Providing Key Carriers with information/encouragement to fly known/developed quiet <br />departure procedure(s), including, but not limited to, NADP -1 or the Close -In Departure. If the <br />City and its consultants are able to identify a new (or modified existing), safe, approved, but <br />quieter departure procedure ("New Departure Procedure") for a plane type used by a carrier, <br />Consultant will ensure that the Key Carriers meet with City to discuss the New Departure <br />Procedure. <br />4. Identifying ways to encourage all Key Carriers to bring newer and quieter planes (Boeing 737 - <br />MAX and Airbus 320 neo) into fleets that serve JWA. <br />5. Attending focus group meetings —in person and/or by telephone or video —organized and <br />convened by City that are comprised of 15 local residents or less who are both educated about <br />and active in the JWA issue (individually, "Focus Group," collectively, "Focus Groups") to listen <br />to resident concerns/ideas and to discuss and strategize on key messages. <br />6. Developing key messages/avenues of action following the Focus Groups. <br />7. Developing and implementing a strategy/plan that applies to the key messages/avenues of <br />action in a way Consultant believes is most effective in achieving the City's key <br />goals. Consultant's strategy/plan must include, at a minimum: <br />• A way for the Focus Group members to assist in implementation <br />• A way for currently minimally -involved or uninvolved residents and HOAs to easily <br />participate in the message sending as their interest level increases. <br />• Awareness in the local community that messages are being delivered (i.e. the average <br />person here knows that the City's message is getting out). <br />• Coordination with City's DC lobbyist as the lobbyist interacts with Key Carriers and the <br />FAA (City will provide that data). <br />S. Providing regular (monthly) written update to City Manager demonstrating <br />progress/implementation of the Services and attend a regular once (or more) per month <br />conference call with key members of the Focus Group to update them on progress. <br />