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March 13, 2018, Council Consent Calendar Comments - Jim Mosher Page 3 of 4 <br />WHARF, WAREHOO <br />RASLRQAP CONN£[TOI <br />+ 1 E57INATWCo T54ki <br />D M AT B7rrSR,POINT <br />_THAT" CO3T162000 <br />�1'1EW OVT4ET fOR Ri0t1[ - <br />,N4aWa - 94- <br />CONSTEI/[r1ONOrJErnc; R£v£rrrD _ <br />LEv£r5, 51NclE TkFSTLt. UZ111 INC ET✓:,. �`- <br />CSrIKATED CDST S13SOoo <br />C <br />ORANGE COUNTY5 HARBOR <br />L <br />7 DREDGING CHANNEL <br />E]TIMArLO Corr! 7Q h <br />()CEA" <br />(images from the Special Collections of the UCI Library as reproduced in Ellen K. Lee's Newport <br />Bay: a pioneer history, pages 82 and 83) <br />t <br />Handbill circulated in igig, at the time of the first Orange County <br />vote on a harbor bond issue. The measure passed, but "commerce" <br />failed to materialize. <br />