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1917 Plan (County Bonds approved 1919): <br />4 <br />WHARF, WAREI' <br />FZAILROADCONNI <br />.i' ESTIMAT CD C037 <br />DAM AT BITTCR\FbINT <br />STIMATCD COST 82000 <br />NEW OUT FOR RjAR: <br />CON3TRUCTI0N OF JETTICS REVETTCD q� O <br />LEVCCS, `JINGLE TIVESTLC,D"DGING,ETC..' <br />r5TIMATED COST SI35Oa0 <br />ORANGE COUNTY'5 HARBOR <br />DREDGING CHANNEL. <br />[SrIMATCD Cosy $?70,0A <br />i <br />OCE.AVA <br />Illustrations from the Special Collections of the UCI Library as reproduced in Ellen K. Lee's Newport Bay: a pioneer history, pages 82 and 83 <br />pP <br />