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April 10, 2018 <br />Tentative Agenda <br />DRAFT/TENTATIVE AGENDA - Tuesday, April 24, 2018 <br />4 p.m. STUDY SESSION <br />PRESENTATIONS <br />Newport Beach Sister City Association: introduction of visiting students from <br />Antibes, France <br />DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />Public Works <br />* Discussion on Concepts for Pedestrian Bridge and Sunset View Park <br />* Stand -Up Paddleboard Safety <br />7 p.m. REGULAR MEETING <br />PRESENTATIONS <br />MATTERS WHICH COUNCIL MEMBERS HAVE ASKED TO BE PLACED ON A FUTURE AGENDA <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />City Clerk <br />* Appointment to the Newport Coast Advisory Committee (NCAC) <br />* Appointment to the Water Quality/Coastal Tidelands Committee <br />Finance <br />Amendment to Central Parking System Agreement to extend SP+ expiration date to <br />June 30, 2018 <br />Municipal Operations <br />Approval and Award of Agreement to Hardy & Harper, Inc. for Sidewalk Grinding <br />Services (continued from 4-10) <br />Public Works <br />FY 17-18 Slurry Seal Award 18R04 with BA (C-7169-1) <br />Stand Up Paddleboard Recommendations <br />West Coast Highway Median Landscape Improvements Award (181-11) (C-7189-1) <br />MacArthur Slope Landscape NOC <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />Community Development <br />* An Ordinance Allowing Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing with Tasting Rooms <br />CURRENT BUSINESS <br />