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MacArthur Boulevard Slope Landscaping Project — <br />Notice of Completion Contract No. 8176-1 (151_01) <br />April 24, 2018 <br />Page 2 <br />DISCUSSION: <br />This project landscaped and irrigated a slope area behind Big Canyon Golf Course along <br />MacArthur between San Joaquin Hills Road and Ford Road and converted the irrigation <br />of the MacArthur landscaped median to reclaimed (recycled) water. This is a part of the <br />Landscape Enhancement Program CIP which installs or rehabilitates various landscaping <br />throughout the city. Originally started in 2015, the project was put on hold during the <br />drought. During that time, Public Works and Municipal Operations staff came up with a <br />creative solution to find a reclaimed water source for the slope area and adjacent median <br />to make the project feasible and conserve potable water. <br />The work necessary for the completion of this contract consisted of clearing and grubbing; <br />grading, landscape establishment and maintenance, irrigation improvements, providing <br />as -built drawings and other incidental items to complete the work in places required by <br />the contract documents. <br />The Contractor had 90 consecutive working days to complete the work. Construction <br />began late November and was substantially complete by March 19, 2018. <br />Overall Contract Cost/Time Summary <br />Awarded <br />Final Cost at <br />Contingency <br />Actual <br />% Due to <br />% Due to <br />Contract <br />Completion <br />Allowance <br />Contract <br />Directed <br />Unforeseen <br />Amount <br />Change <br />Change <br />Change <br />$228,450.00 <br />$218,224.00 <br />10% or less <br />0% <br />0% <br />0% <br />Allowed Contract Time + Approved <br />90 <br />Actual Time <br />25 <br />Extensions days) = <br />Under (-) or Over (+) <br />Contract No. 8176-1, MacArthur Slope Landscape Project, has been completed to the <br />satisfaction of the Public Works Department. A summary of this contract's construction <br />cost is as follows: <br />Original Bid Amount: $228,450.00 <br />Actual Cost of Bid Items Constructed: $218,450.00 <br />Total Change Orders: $ 0.00 <br />Final Contract Cost: $218,450.00 <br />A summary of the project schedule milestones is as follows: <br />Estimated Start of Construction per Annual Baseline Schedule 12/4/2017 <br />Actual Start of Construction Per Notice To Proceed 12/4/2017 <br />Completion Date Per Notice to Proceed 4/13/2017 <br />Actual Substantial Construction Completion Date 3/19/2017 <br />3-2 <br />