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at once, unless a Council member has removed (aka "pulled") an item from the Consent Calendar for specific <br />discussion and separate vote. If an item on the agenda is recommended to be "continued", it means that the <br />item won't be heard nor voted on that evening, but will be pushed forward to another noticed meeting. <br />Public Comment is welcomed at both the Study Session and the Regular Session. The public can comment on <br />any item on the agenda. If you want to comment on a Consent Calendar item that was not pulled from the <br />Consent Calendar by a Council Member, you will want to do so at the time listed on the agenda — right before <br />the Council votes on the entire Consent Calendar (it's Roman Numeral XIII on the posted agenda). If an item is <br />pulled, the Mayor will offer that members of the public can comment as that specific item is heard <br />separately. Additionally, there is a specific section of Public Comment for items not on the agenda, but on a <br />subject of some relationship to the city government. If you cannot attend a meeting and/or want to <br />communicate with the City Council directly, this e-mail gets to all of them: <br /> Please know that I get a copy of that e-mail, too, because in almost all <br />cases it's something that the City Manager follows -up on. It's my head -start. <br />The Council meets in the Council Chambers at 100 Civic Center Drive, off of Avocado between San Miguel and <br />East Coast Highway. There is plenty of parking in the parking structure behind City Hall. You are always <br />welcome to attend in person, but you can also watch on TV Time Warner/ Spectrum 3 and Cox Channel 852 or <br />stream it on your computer. <br />This Insider's Guide is not an attempt to summarize every item on the Agenda —just the ones that seem of <br />specific interest to Dave. I encourage you to read the full agenda if you wish. <br />3 <br />