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Port Master Plan, Public Works Plan, Master CDP Comparison (revised 4-24-2018) <br />Projects w/Level 2 <br />Projects w/Level 1 <br />CDP (always req <br />What's Always Appealable <br />Type of Plan <br />Coastal Act Section <br />Purpose <br />Requirements of <br />Projects exempt <br />CDP (non- <br />public hearing; can <br />(PRC §30600 et seq) <br />Plan <br />from CDP <br />appealable, no <br />be appealable or <br />public hearing) <br />non -appealable) <br />To allow ports to plan <br />Port Master <br />Chapter 8 (Ports) of <br />and permit projects <br />Land and Water <br />Maint dredging of <br />Minor grading, <br />Major structures for <br />Storage, transmission of <br />Plan (PMP) <br />the CA Coastal Act <br />within their boundaries <br />uses; Port <br />existing channels <br />paving, lighting, <br />recreational <br />LNG and crude oil. <br />(we used the <br />(§30700 et seq) <br />without separate CDPs <br />Facilities; <br />fencing <br />purposes <br />Port of LA's <br />issued by the Coastal <br />PMP for these <br />Commission <br />examples). <br />PMPs are specifically <br />Environmental <br />Repair/Maint that <br />Installation of <br />Marine terminals, <br />Wastewater treatment <br />called out in the Coastal <br />inventory, impact <br />does not add or <br />modular <br />creation of upland or <br />facilities <br />Act. <br />analysis, <br />expand <br />structures, <br />coastal water fills, <br />mitigation <br />storage, floating <br />measures. <br />docks, guard <br />houses <br />Listing of <br />Utility connections <br />Demolition of <br />Major dredging of <br />Roads or highways not <br />appealable <br />wharves, buildings, <br />water areas <br />intended for internal <br />projects <br />tanks. <br />circulation. <br />Provisions for <br />Things destroyed <br />Removal of <br />Crane additions or <br />Office and residential <br />public hearings <br />by disaster. <br />pipelines. <br />replacements <br />buildings. <br />and public <br />participation <br />Major building <br />Oil refineries and <br />renovations <br />petrochemical production <br />plants. <br />"Under the PWP, Ventura <br />Public Works <br />§30605 of the Coastal <br />An entitlement for <br />Goal (of the <br />Likely to be only <br />See Appealable <br />See Appealable notes <br />County issues all permits ... <br />Plan (PWP) <br />Act "plans for public <br />Public Works projects <br />Channel Islands <br />maintenance and <br />notes <br />for ... development <br />(we used the <br />works ... may be <br />that is an alternative to <br />PWP): "to ... <br />repair. <br />authorized under the PWP. <br />County of <br />submitted ... in the <br />project -by -project <br />provide policies <br />County notifies the <br />Ventura's <br />same manner (as LCPs) <br />review by the Coastal <br />which provide, <br />Commission ... of the <br />Channel Islands <br />Commission. <br />protect, and <br />development and ... <br />Harbor PWP for <br />maintain access to <br />show(s) that it is consistent <br />this example) <br />PWPs are a more <br />and use of the <br />with the PWP. Review ... <br />vaguely identified in the <br />recreational <br />by Commission ... limited <br />Coastal Act than PMPs <br />waters ... protect <br />to imposing reasonable <br />and maintain <br />terms and conditions to <br />commercial fishing <br />ensure that (it) ... conforms <br />facilities" <br />with the PWP and ... <br />Coastal Act." <br />