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Public Works <br />PRC §30605 and 30606 <br />Applicant issues a Notice of <br />Plan (PWP) <br />of the Coastal Act and <br />In this case, addresses <br />Addresses public <br />Likely to be only <br />See Appealable <br />See Appealable notes <br />Impending Development <br />(we used State <br />§13357(a)(5), 13359, <br />parking, restrooms, and <br />access, visual <br />maintenance and <br />notes <br />associated with the PWP. <br />Parks' Malibu <br />and 13353-54 of the <br />public access trails and <br />resources, <br />repair. <br />Commission ED determines <br />State Beaches <br />CA Code of <br />stairways at three CA <br />biological <br />if the proposed <br />PWP for this <br />Regulations govern the <br />State Parks beaches. <br />resources and <br />development is consistent <br />example) <br />Coastal Commission's <br />water quality, <br />with the certified PWP — if <br />review of subsequent <br />geologic stability, <br />not, it comes to the <br />development where <br />and CEQA. <br />Commission for review. <br />there is a certified <br />PWP. <br />Master CDP <br />CA Coastal Act does <br />To allow the Coastal <br />Full review and <br />None. Is a Master <br />N/A <br />N/A <br />Once the Master CDP is <br />(example <br />not define Master <br />Commission and public <br />hearings before <br />CDP, covers all <br />approved by the <br />includes the <br />CDP. But this term has <br />agencies to agree on <br />the Coastal <br />aspect of a large <br />Commission, no need for <br />Newport Coast <br />been used for other <br />blanket CDPs for a <br />Commission. <br />and <br />appeal process. All <br />"Master" CDP) <br />large-scale <br />specific area, like the <br />comprehensive <br />projects must be <br />coastal projects <br />Newport Coast. <br />effort/project. <br />constructed in accordance <br />covering land and <br />Addresses items <br />with the Master CDP. If <br />water, including the <br />including public and <br />projects or uses change, <br />Newport Coast. First <br />private infrastructure <br />the Master CDP would <br />CDP in NC <br />(like private docks), site <br />have to be amended by <br />was referred to as <br />plans, and more. <br />Coastal Commission. <br />"Master Coastal <br />Development." <br />