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May 8, 2018 <br />Tentative Agenda <br />DRAFT/TENTATIVE AGENDA - May 22, 2018 <br />4 p.m. STUDY SESSION <br />PRESENTATIONS <br />* Orange County Human Relations Annual Report <br />b Public Works Week <br />DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />Community Development / Public works <br />* Telecommunications Devices on Street Light Poles <br />Finance/Public Works <br />b Budget Overview (Part 2 of 2) <br />o Expenditure side of the Budget, Selected CIP items such as Utility <br />Undergrounding, position changes, more <br />7 p.m. REGULAR MEETING <br />PRESENTATIONS <br />MATTERS WHICH COUNCIL MEMBERS HAVE ASKED TO BE PLACED ON A FUTURE AGENDA <br />If there is an intent to name an Interim City Manager, the Council should agree upon <br />a job description and duties for the Intefim City Manager position (Dixon) <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />City Manager <br />* Resolution of Inten ´┐Żn to R ' Ana del Mar Business Improvement District <br />and Levy Assessments in Fiscal Year 201 -2019 (Resolution No. 2018 - _) <br />* Resolution of Intention to Renew the Newport Beach Restaurant Association Business <br />Improvement District and Levy Assessments in Fiscal Year 2018-2019 (Resolution No. <br />2018 - _) <br />Finance <br />b Set Public Hearing for Budget Adoption <br />* Considerations of revisions to Council Policy on Debt <br />* Consideration of a potential Community Facilities District for the Uptown Newport <br />project <br />Human Resources <br />b Tentative Agreement with the Newport Beach Lifeguard Management Association <br />(LMA) <br />Public Works <br />b Park Ave Bridge 15R20 (C-6155) - NOC with BA <br />* Balboa Water Main NOC <br />b Consideration of revisions to Council Policy H-1 <br />* Bayview Heights Drainage Runoff Treatment 15X1 1 (C-7109-1) <br />