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ORDINANCE NO. 2018-8 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, AMENDING <br />SECTIONS 2.12.010, 2.12.080, AND 2.12.100 OF <br />CHAPTER 2.12 OF TITLE 2 OF THE NEWPORT BEACH <br />MUNICIPAL CODE, PERTAINING TO THE UTILITIES <br />DEPARTMENT AND PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to City of Newport Beach ("City") Charter Section 601, the <br />City Council for the City of Newport Beach ("City Council") may provide by ordinance for <br />the organization, conduct and operations of the several offices and departments of the <br />City, and for the creation of additional departments, divisions, offices and agencies and <br />for their consolidation, alteration or abolition; <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to City Charter Section 601, the City Council may combine <br />in one person the powers and duties of two or more officers created or authorized by the <br />Charter; <br />WHEREAS, by separate ordinance, the City Council recently abolished the <br />Municipal Operations Department (comprised of the General Services Division and the <br />Utilities Division), added the General Services Division formerly in the Municipal <br />Operations Department to the Public Works Department as the Municipal Operations <br />Division, and created the Utilities Department to provide the functions of the Utilities <br />Division formerly in the Municipal Operations Department; and <br />WHEREAS, by adopting this ordinance, the City Council intends to amend the <br />Newport Beach Municipal Code ("NBMC") to reflect the organization, conduct and <br />operation of the Utilities Department and Public Works Department. <br />NOW THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Newport Beach ordains as <br />follows- <br />Section <br />ollows: <br />Section 1: The title and introductory table of contents in NBMC Chapter 2.12 <br />are hereby amended to read as follows: <br />Chapter 2.12 <br />ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS <br />Sections: <br />2.12.010 Departments Designated. <br />