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June 26, 2018 <br />Tentative Agenda <br />DRAFT/TENTATIVE AGENDA - July 10, 2018 <br />4 D.M. STUDY SESSION <br />* UCI Community Impact Update <br />* Friends of the Newport Beach Animal Shelter- One Year Update <br />Community Development <br />* Beacon Bay Residential Leases - Update and information <br />* FEMA Flood Map Update <br />Finance <br />* Life Safety Services and Other Fee Study Updates <br />7 p.m. REGULAR MEETING <br />PRESENTATIONS <br />MATTERS WHICH COUNCIL MEMBERS HAVE ASKED TO BE PLACED ON A FUTURE AGENDA <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />Community Development <br />* PSA for preparation of an EIR for proposed Dunes Hotel (PA2016-175) <br />Fire <br />Med-Cal Managed Care Rate Range Intergovernmental Transfer (IGT) Program FY <br />2017- 18 <br />Human Resources <br />"Sunshining" a Tentative Agreement with Newport Beach Fire Management <br />Association (FMA) <br />Public Works <br />* Streetlight Improvement Project - Award of Contract (6269) <br />* Mariners FS 6 Apparatus Bay- NOC 16F1 1 (C-8136-2) <br />Balboa Peninsula Concrete Pavement Award 18R21 (C-7184-1) PSA with PENCO <br />On -Call Geotech PSA <br />Award PSA - Marine Avenue Drainage Study <br />Council Policy B-17 Donations <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />City Manager <br />* Adoption of a resolution modifying the NBTBID Management District Plan <br />CURRENT BUSINESS <br />City Manager <br />* Updates to the contract for Police Chief Jon Lewis <br />