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ORDINANCE NO. 2018-10 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, CREATING A <br />HARBOR DEPARTMENT AND FOLDING THE HARBOR <br />RESOURCES DIVISION INTO THE ENGINEERING <br />SERVICES DIVISION OF THE PUBLIC WORKS <br />DEPARTMENT <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to the 1978 Beacon Bay Bill, as amended, the City of <br />Newport Beach ("City") acts on behalf of the State of California as the trustee of tidelands <br />located within the City's limits, including Newport Harbor; <br />WHEREAS, Newport Harbor is the crown jewel of the City and is home to a wide <br />mixture of residences and businesses and over 5,000 recreational and commercial <br />vessels; <br />WHEREAS, Newport Harbor is a tourist destination for the county, state, nation, <br />and world; <br />WHEREAS, a 2018 report produced by Beacon Economics found that on an <br />annual basis Newport Harbor directly/indirectly generates $1 billion in commercial <br />economic output, supports 8,394 jobs, and generates $366.4 million in labor income; <br />WHEREAS, Newport Harbor is currently being managed by a number of City staff <br />members reporting to a variety of departments, including, but not limited to, the Harbor <br />Resources Division within the Public Works Department; <br />WHEREAS, the City desires to provide for the long term efficient management of <br />Newport Harbor through the creation of a new Harbor Department; and. <br />WHEREAS, City Charter Section 601 allows the City Council to create a new <br />department by ordinance. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Newport Beach ordains as <br />follows: <br />Section 1: The Harbor Department is hereby created and shall be under the <br />authority of the Harbormaster who shall serve as the head of the department. The <br />Harbormaster shall be appointed, suspended, and/or removed by the City Manager. The <br />City Council, by resolution, may provide for the number, titles, qualifications, powers, <br />duties and compensation of all officers and employees assigned to the Harbor <br />Department. <br />Section 2: The Harbor Resources Division within the Public Works Department <br />is eliminated as a standalone division and shall be folded into the Engineering Services <br />Division of the Public Works Department. The Harbor Resources Manager and the <br />Harbor Resources Technician are assigned to the Engineering Services Division. <br />