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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />PLANNING COMMISSION AGENDA <br />CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS — 100 CIVIC CENTER DRIVE <br />THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2018 <br />REGULAR MEETING -4:00 P.M. <br />PETER ZAK <br />Chair <br />ERIK WEIGAND LEE LOWREY <br />Vice Chair Secretary <br />CURTIS ELLMORE <br />LAUREN KLEIMAN <br />PETER KOETTING <br />KORY KRAMER <br />Planning Commissioners are citizens of Newport Beach who volunteer to serve on the Planning Commission. <br />They were appointed by the City Council by majority vote for 4 -year terms. At the table in front are City staff <br />members who are here to advise the Commission during the meeting. They are: <br />SEIMONE JURJIS, Community Development Director <br />JIM CAMPBELL, Deputy Community Development Director <br />ARMEEN KOMEILI, City Attorney TONY BRINE, City Traffic Engineer <br />TIFFANY LIPPMAN, Administrative Support Specialist <br />NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC <br />Regular meetings of the Planning Commission are held on the Thursdays preceding second and fourth Tuesdays of <br />each month at 6:30 p.m. The agendas, minutes, and staff reports are available on the City's web site at: <br /> and for public inspection in the Community Development Department, Planning <br />Division located at 100 Civic Center Drive, during normal business hours. If you have any questions or require copies <br />of any of the staff reports or other documentation, please contact the Community Development Department, Planning <br />Division staff at (949) 644-3200. <br />This Commission is subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act. Among other things, the Brown Act requires that the <br />Commission's agenda be posted at least 72 hours in advance of each meeting and that the public be allowed to <br />comment on agenda items before the Commission and items not on the agenda but are within the subject matter <br />jurisdiction of the Commission. The Commission may limit public comments to a reasonable amount of time, generally <br />three (3) minutes per person. All testimony given before the Planning Commission is recorded. <br />It is the intention of the City of Newport Beach to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in all respects. <br />If, as an attendee or a participant of this meeting, you will need special assistance beyond what is normally provided, <br />the City of Newport Beach will attempt to accommodate you in every reasonable manner. Please contact Leilani Brown, <br />City Clerk, at least 72 hours prior to the meeting to inform us of your particular needs and to determine if accommodation <br />is feasible (949-644-3005 or ( <br />APPEAL PERIOD: Use Permit, Variance, Site Plan Review, and Modification Permit applications do not become <br />effective until 14 days following the date of approval, during which time an appeal may be filed with the City Clerk in <br />accordance with the provisions of the Newport Beach Municipal Code. Tentative Tract Map, Tentative Parcel Map, Lot <br />Merger, and Lot Line Adjustment applications do not become effective until 10 days following the date of approval, <br />during which time an appeal may be filed with the City Clerk in accordance with the provisions of the Newport Beach <br />Municipal Code. General Plan and Zoning Amendments are automatically forwarded to the City Council for final action. <br />1 of 3 <br />