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Newport Crossing Mixed -Use Project <br />Planning Commission, December 6, 2018 <br />Page 2 <br />• Affordable Housing Implementation Plan No. AH2018-001: A program specifying how <br />the proposed project would meet the City's affordable housing requirements, pursuant <br />to the Residential Overlay of the Newport Place Planned Community. Under the <br />Affordable Housing Implementation Plan, 30 percent of the project's apartment units <br />(namely, 78 units) would be set aside as affordable units to lower-income households. <br />Providing the affordable housing required by the Newport Place Planned Community <br />Residential Overlay qualifies the project for a density bonus and <br />incentives/concessions pursuant to Chapter 20.32 (Density Bonus) of the City's <br />Municipal Code and Government Code Section 65915 (Density Bonus Law). The <br />AHIP includes a request for one development concession related to the bedroom mix <br />of the affordable units and a development waiver of the 55 -foot building height limit to <br />allow a height of 77 feet 9 inches to accommodate the parapet, roof -top mechanical <br />equipment, elevator shafts, emergency staircase, rooftop terrace, and a portion of the <br />parking garage. <br />STATUS OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT <br />Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) commenced for the project <br />and a scoping meeting was held on Thursday, November 16, 2017. <br />The DEIR has been completed and was released for public review on November 30, <br />2018. The public comment period is currently open and will close on January 11, 2019. <br />Details regarding where to access the DEIR and how to submit comments are provided <br />in the Notice of Availability (Attachment No. PC 2). The DEIR can also be accessed online <br />at <br />STUDY SESSION <br />The purpose of the study session is to introduce the project and provide the Planning <br />Commission and general public with the opportunity to learn about the project. <br />Additionally, the session will provide an opportunity to request additional information <br />about the project in advance of a future public hearing. During the study session, Staff <br />will provide a brief overview of the proposed project, requested approvals, and the results <br />of the environmental analysis. Additionally, staff will highlight how the public can <br />participate in the process and future hearings. The applicant will provide a more detailed <br />presentation of the proposed project. <br />No action on either the project or draft EIR can be taken by the Planning Commission at <br />the study session. A complete staff report with comprehensive analysis of the project will <br />be prepared and presented to the Planning Commission at a future scheduled public <br />hearing. <br />9 <br />