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04"O;""t <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />PLANNING COMMISSION STAFF REPORT <br />December 6, 2018 <br />Agenda Item No. 4 <br />SUBJECT: Harbor Pointe Senior Living (PA2015-210) <br />• General Plan Amendment No. GP2015-004 <br />• Planned Community Amendment No. PD2015-005 <br />• Site Development Review No. SD2015-007 <br />Conditional Use Permit No. UP2015-047 <br />• Development Agreement No. DA2018-006 <br />• Environmental Impact Report No. ER2018-001 <br />SITE LOCATION: 101 Bayview Place <br />APPLICANT: Harbor Pointe Senior Living LLC <br />OWNER: Kodaka, Inc. <br />PLANNER: Benjamin M. Zdeba, AICP, Associate Planner <br />949-644-3253, <br />PROJECT SUMMARY <br />The applicant proposes the demolition of an existing approximately 8,800 -square -foot <br />restaurant building (Kitayama) to accommodate the development of an approximately <br />85,000 -square -foot, three-story senior convalescent and congregate care facility (i.e., <br />memory care and assisted living as a State -licensed Residential Care Facility for the Elderly <br />[RCFE]). The project site is approximately 1.5 acres in area and is located at the corner of <br />Bristol Street and Bayview Place. In order to implement the project, the applicant requests <br />the following approvals from the City of Newport Beach (City): <br />General Plan Amendment (GPA) — To change the land use designation for the <br />property from General Commercial Office (CO -G) to Private Institutions (PI), and <br />to amend Anomaly No. 22 to replace the existing allowed development limits of <br />8,000 square feet for restaurant or 70,000 square feet for office with 85,000 <br />square feet for a residential care facility for the elderly (RCFE) (see Page 3-18 of <br />the General Plan Land Use Element, Table LU2 Anomaly Locations and <br />associated figures). <br />Planned Community Development Plan Amendment (Zoning) — To change <br />the allowed land uses and amend development standards in the Bayview <br />Planned Community (PC -32) Zoning District for the proposed facility. <br />Major Site Development Review—To ensure site development is in accordance <br />with the applicable planned community and zoning code development standards <br />and regulations pursuant to Newport Beach Municipal Code (NBMC) Section <br />20.52.080 (Site Development Reviews). <br />1 <br />