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Setbacks <br />He�ght <br />Retail <br />Park Dedcabi <br />Density <br />Architectcre I Design <br />Newport Place Res i del <br />Variance (18'-24') <br />Variance (3' Residences) <br />Not Enough <br />No Dedication <br />Limited .Access Hours <br />Too Dense —Variances & <br />Lack of Park Dedication <br />Not Compatible <br />Newport Place Residences vs. Newport Crossings <br />Planning Commission - December 6, 2018 <br />Item No. 2d Additional Materials Presented At Meeting <br />Newport Crossings Mixed Use Project (PA2017-107) <br />Netiaport Crossings <br />PC Compliant (30') <br />Livable areas within Height Limit <br />Increased by 50% (approximately) <br />Dedicated to City <br />No .Access Limitations <br />Units Reduced by 10% <br />No Variances. Park Dedicated <br />Compatible with Surrounding <br />Development <br />