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Planning Commission - December 6, 2018 <br />Need for Senior Care Facilitiesitem No 4e Additional Materials Presented At Meeting <br />Harbor Pointe Senior Living (PA2016-210 <br />Population by age in Orange County and in market area <br />810,127 <br />828,917 <br />31,657 <br />32,o16 <br />178,819 <br />207,485 <br />7,431 <br />89455 <br />25% of Newport Beach residents are over 65 <br />Vintage Newport Beach <br />Newport Beach Plaza <br />Crown Cove <br />Newport Beach Memory <br />Care <br />Well j0 1, <br />1962 340 <br />1990 101 <br />1999 <br />2016 42 <br />TOTAL 544 <br />No new full service assisted living /memory care <br />communities built for almost 20 years in Newport Beach <br />