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January 8, 2019 <br />Tentative Agenda <br />DRAFT/TENTATIVE AGENDA — January 22 2019 <br />4 p.m. STUDY SESSION <br />PRESENTATIONS <br />b Orange County Business Journal certificate presentation - Turning Red Tape Into Red <br />Carpet Awards <br />DISCUSSIONS <br />Community Development <br />b Short Term Lodging Update <br />Finance <br />b Economic Update from Beacon Economics <br />7 P.m. REGULAR MEETING <br />MATTERS WHICH COUNCIL MEMBERS HAVE ASKED TO BE PLACED ON A <br />FUTURE AGENDA <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />Community Development <br />b Big Canyon Restoration and MND (PA2018-078) <br />Human Resources <br />b Resolution No. 2019 - : Adopting a Memorandum of Understanding with the <br />Newport Beach Employees League (NBEL) and Associated Salary Schedule <br />* Tentative Agreement with Newport Beach Police Management Association (PMA) <br />Public Works <br />b Amendment to PSA with WLC for On -Call Architectural Services <br />b Lower Sunset View Park — Approval of PSA with LSA <br />Utilities <br />b Agreement — ILB streetlight contract extension <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />Community Development <br />b ADU ordinance introduction for Title 20 and 21 amendments <br />Public Works <br />* Big Canyon Nature Park — Phase II Concept and Env Doc. <br />CURRENT BUSINESS <br />Utilities <br />b Agreement—Automated Meter Infrastructure <br />