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January 8, 2019, City Council Item SS2 Comments - Jim Mosher Page 2 of 5 <br />should do, City staff should itself conduct a "Listen and Learn Tour" (the start of <br />which was put off to 2019 by Resolution No. 2018-7). <br />d. Contrary to that direction, the current proposal asks the consultant hired to update <br />the plan to conduct the tour. <br />e. Has staff decided they cannot conduct the tour on their own? <br />f. Is it not still better to separate the tasks, as previously decided? <br />3. A third overarching concern is whether embarking on so significant an undertaking as a <br />comprehensive GPU at this time is an efficient use of taxpayer money and City resources. <br />a. The plan approved in 2006 claims to have been intended to guide the City through <br />2025. <br />b. The present staff reports anticipates putting a new GP in place by 2021, four years <br />prior to the "expiration" of the existing 20 year plan. <br />c. In an ideal world, it would seem most efficient to put new plans into effect just as the <br />old ones expire, and not years before. <br />d. By that standard, if City staff's estimates are realistic, we are starting four years too <br />soon. <br />e. The early start seems especially of concern if it means much of the planning will be <br />taking place without the public, planners or decision makers knowing what kind of <br />Regional Housing Needs Assessment the "vision" and details may need to <br />accommodate. <br />i. Closely related to this, what steps are we taking to influence the RHNA <br />process? <br />General Comments on Process: <br />1. If staff's proposal is followed, this will be the third time the City has gone through a <br />consultant -led "visioning" process: the first having been 1969's "Newport Tomorrow" effort <br />(PDF here), and the second being 2002's "Newport Beach: current conditions, future <br />choices: step up to the future!" (which is the visioning that led to the current General Plan). <br />2. At least to me, it is not obvious why one would expect a community that sees itself as <br />"nearly built out" to want to completely reinvent itself every 15 or 20 years. <br />a. The more relevant current question would seem to me to be what the Council hopes <br />for staff to learn during their "Listen and Learn Tour," and what it then expects them <br />to do with that information. <br />b. Committing to a final contract before doing that seems premature. <br />c. And if one is truly expecting a different future, 20 year plans seem rather short if it is <br />not being thought of in the context of some much longer range vision. <br />3. 1 personally find it unlikely the new visioning effort, as proposed by staff, will lead to a <br />substantially different vision than we already have and I think even more emphasis (than <br />