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Received After Agenda Printed <br />January 8, 2019 <br />Item No. SS2 <br />Subject: FW: GP Update Process <br />From: Charles Klobe [] <br />Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2019 3:02 PM <br />To: Dept - City Council<> <br />Subject: GP Update Process <br />Good day, <br />I had planned to make the statement below at the meeting today. Upon further review it appears my opportunity <br />to speak may come after the GP presentation and vote. I hope you are bale to consider this prior to your vote <br />today . <br />Good day Madam Mayor and members of the City Council. <br />My name is Charles Klobe. I am a resident of Newport Heights and a board member of the Newport Heights Improvement <br />Association. Today I am speaking as an individual resident, however. <br />I read Jim Mosher's well researched letter to you regarding this process. His attention to detail is remarkable and a benefit to <br />Newport Beach residents. I agree with his general theme that the beginning of this process looks a lot like they have in the past. <br />Staff seems to have a predisposition of what they want to achieve and hires a consultant to lead us down that path. <br />It is clear to even a casual observer that the city has done everything possible to avoid the intent of Greenlight as much as <br />possible in recent years. Perhaps in this go -round the council could start with an approach that gives residents a real feeling of <br />involvement. The typical charrettes and vision meetings which are poorly advertised and sparsely attended only enable the <br />consultants to further the staff direction. Mr. Mosher's suggestion to see if any other cities are employing innovative approaches <br />also has merit in my opinion. <br />The shenanigans that the city railroaded through the coastal commission meeting on December 12th do not portend well for how <br />this process will proceed. <br />As this is the first significant action since a contentious city council election, I urge you to apply a different approach to this <br />process. I believe that is what the residents want. <br />Thank you for your time. <br />Charles Klobe <br />