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RESOLUTION NO. 2019-9 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, ADOPTING MITIGATED <br />NEGATIVE DECLARATION NO. ND2018-001 <br />(SCH#2018081098) FOR THE BIG CANYON COASTAL <br />HABITAT RESTORATION AND ADAPTATION PROJECT - <br />PHASE 2A (PA2018-078) <br />WHEREAS, Big Canyon Park is located at 1900 Back Bay Drive in the City of <br />Newport Beach ("City") (Assessor's Parcel No. 440-092-79) and is legally described as <br />shown in Exhibit "A"; <br />WHEREAS, Big Canyon Park is a valuable natural resource and recreational <br />opportunity that includes coastal scrub, riparian scrub, riparian forest, alkali -saline <br />wetland, and freshwater emergent wetland habitats native to Southern California and <br />worthy of continuous protection, conservation, and management efforts to preserve it; <br />WHEREAS, large areas of the creek and native riparian habitat of the Big Canyon <br />Park have been overtaken by non-native invasive species; <br />WHEREAS, urbanization in the Big Canyon watershed has resulted in increased <br />peak and sustained peak storm flows which have incised the channel bed and eroded <br />channel banks in Big Canyon Creek within the Big Canyon Nature Park resulting in <br />reduced floodplain connectivity and unstable embankments; <br />WHEREAS, Big Canyon Creek is listed as an impaired waterbody for selenium <br />and a total maximum daily load ("TMDL") has been established for the creek; <br />WHEREAS, the 2009 Central Orange County Integrated Regional and Coastal <br />Watershed Management Plan lists restoration of Big Canyon Nature Park as a key project <br />for implementing restoration objectives in Upper Newport Bay; <br />WHEREAS, the proposed Big Canyon Coastal Habitat Restoration and <br />Adaptation Project — Phase 2A ("Project") is in conformance with the 2014 guidelines of <br />the Big Canyon Resource and Recreation Management Plan ("RRMP") and is also <br />consistent with the requirements of the Natural Community Conservation Plan/Habitat <br />Conservation Plan ("NCCP") for the Central and Coastal sub -region of Orange County in <br />the event the City elects to incorporate the Big Canyon Nature Park into the NCCP; <br />WHEREAS, implementation of the Project will: (1) restore historic wetland and <br />riparian habitat by removing non-native vegetation, restoring the area with native <br />plantings, (2) stabilize the creek and floodplain, and (3) improve water quality in Big <br />Canyon Creek and Newport Bay by eliminating stagnant area in Big Canyon Creek; <br />