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RESOLUTION NO. PC2019-002 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, APPROVING MINOR USE <br />PERMIT NO. UP2018-011 TO AMEND USE PERMIT NO. UP3031 <br />TO MODIFY THE HOURS OF OPERATION AND ALLOW A TYPE <br />47 (ON -SALE GENERAL) ALCOHOL LICENSE AT AN EXISTING <br />FOOD SERVICE, EATING AND DRINKING ESTABLISHMENT <br />LOCATED AT 703 EAST BALBOA BOULEVARD (PA2018-169) <br />THE PLANNING COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH HEREBY FINDS AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br />SECTION 1. STATEMENT OF FACTS. <br />An application was filed by Pat Brown representing Great Mex Grill with respect to property <br />located at 703 East Balboa Boulevard, and legally described as Lot 2, Block 10, of the <br />Balboa Tract, being a subdivision of part of Lots 8 and 9 Sec 35.T6S.R10YY.SB.B&M, <br />being a replat of part of said Lot 8 recorded as Bayside in Book 3 Page 38 Miscellaneous <br />Maps, Records of Orange County, California and a subdivision of part of said Lots 8 and <br />9 lying East of said Bayside. <br />2. A minor use permit to amend Use Permit No. UP3031 to allow a Type 47 (On -Sale <br />General) alcoholic beverage license and to allow earlier hours of operation at an existing <br />food service establishment. Great Mex Grill Restaurant currently operates with a Type 41 <br />(On -Sale Beer and Wine) alcoholic beverage license with hours of operation from 10:00 <br />a.m. through 10:00 p.m., daily and the proposed hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. through <br />10:00 p.m., daily. No physical interior or exterior alterations are proposed. If approved, this <br />minor use permit would supersede Use Permit No. UP3031. <br />3. The subject property is designated MU -V (Mixed -Use Vertical) by the General Plan Land <br />Use Element and is located within the MU -V (Mixed -Use Vertical) zoning district. <br />4. The subject property is located within the coastal zone. The Coastal Land Use Plan <br />category is MU -V (Mixed -Use Vertical) and it is located within the MU -V (Mixed -Use <br />Vertical) Coastal Zoning District. A coastal development permit is not required because the <br />request to change the type of permitted Alcoholic Beverage Control ("ABC") license and <br />operating hours does not intensify or expand the existing eating and drinking <br />establishment use. <br />5. A public hearing was held on January 17, 2019, in the Council Chambers at 100 Civic <br />Center Drive, Newport Beach. A notice of time, place and purpose of the hearing was <br />given in accordance with the Newport Beach Municipal Code ("NBMC"). Evidence, both <br />written and oral, was presented to, and considered by, the Planning Commission at this <br />hearing. <br />