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NEWPORT CROSSINGS MIXED USE PROJECT (PA2017-107) FINAL EIR <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />2. Response to Comments <br />Jamie Murillo <br />Re: Newport Crossings Mixed Use Project DEIR <br />January 14, 2018 <br />Page 2 <br />In the DEIR, the City concludes that the Project would not result in any significant and <br />unavoidable adverse impacts. (DEIR p. 6-I.) It determines that the Project would result in <br />potentially significant impacts to air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, hazards and <br />hazardous materials, and fire protwion and emergency services. (Id at pp. 1-9, 1.11, 1-13 — 1- <br />14, 1-15.) It asserts that mitigation would reduce these impacts to below a level of significance. <br />(]bid) This is incorrect. As discussed more fully below, the DEIR is confusing, missing key <br />analysis, and does not provide sufficient support for conclusions that the Project will have less <br />than significant impacts in a number of areas. <br />The DEIR's Cumulative Projccls List Does Not Provide Sufficient Information. <br />The data provided in the Cmnulative ]'rejects List is insufficient to fully examine the <br />listed projects. (DEIR. pp. 4-I3 —4-14.) The list does not include a description of related <br />development or indicate when the developments will be constructed, nor does the list identify <br />how close the developments are to the Project site. (Ibid.) It is, therefore, difficult for Southwest <br />Carpenters to determine how these developments will have cumulative effects in conjunction <br />with the proposed Project. Please update the Cumulative Projects List to, at minimum, include a <br />description of each development, an address for each development and their distance from the <br />Project site, as well as projected construction dates. <br />11. The DEIR's Air Quality Analysis is Incomplete. <br />A. The air quality analysis is uninformative. <br />"IA]n EIR is 'an informational document"' aimed at providing "'detailed information <br />about the effect which a proposed project is likely to have on the environment...."' (Laurel <br />Heights hnprovemew Assn. v. Regents of University ofColifurnia (1988) 47 Cal.3d 376, 391 <br />I"Laurel Heights"], citing Pub. Resources Code § 21061 and Col. Code Regs., lit. 14, § <br />15003(b) -(e).) An EIR that is unclear fails to adequately inform the public about a potential <br />project's impact on the environment. <br />The Project is located in the South Coast Air Basin (`SCAB"). (DEIR, p. 5.2.1.) The <br />SCAB is in non-attomment for California Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone ("Os"), <br />inhalable paniculate matter ("PMro"), and fine particulate matter CTM2.5'), and is in non - <br />attainment for PM2,s and the 8 -hour standards for 03 under the National Ambient Air Quality <br />Standards. (Id at pp. 5.2.5 — 5.2-7, 5-2-12.) <br />Page 2-62 <br />Al2.2 <br />Al2.3 <br />A124 <br />PlaceForks <br />2s o <br />