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RESOLUTION NO. 2012 -115 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />AMENDING THE <br />COASTAL /BAY WATER QUALITY CITIZENS ADVISORY COMMITTEE <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to the 1978 Beacon Bay Bill, as amended, the City of <br />Newport Beach ( "City ") acts on behalf of the State of California as the trustee of <br />tidelands located within the City's limits, including Newport Harbor; <br />WHEREAS, the City has a diverse array of scenic and biological coastal <br />resources, including, but not limited to, a small craft harbor, eight islands, sandy beach <br />coast line and an upper bay ecological preserve; <br />WHEREAS, the preservation and protection of the City's coastal resources is of <br />the utmost importance to the economic vitality of the City's businesses and the health of <br />the community; <br />WHEREAS, the City has a long history of protecting the water quality of the <br />harbor and ocean through the work of the Coastal/Bay Water Quality Citizens Advisory <br />Committee and the Harbor Quality Citizens Advisory Committee before that; and <br />WHEREAS, the City desires to amend the Coastai /Bay Water Quality Citizens <br />Advisory Committee to increase City Council member, resident, and interested party <br />participation and reaffirm its commitment to preserve and protect the environment and <br />water quality. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Newport Beach resolves as <br />follows: <br />Section 1: The City Council hereby changes the name of the Coastal /Bay <br />Water Quality Citizens Advisory Committee to the Water Quality /Coastal Tidelands <br />Committee and provides it with the terms and responsibilities included in Exhibit 1, <br />which is attached hereto and incorporated by reference. <br />Section 2: The City Council hereby repeals all previous resolutions, or portions <br />thereof, related to the Coastal /Bay Water Quality Citizens Advisory Committee that are <br />in conflict with this resolution. <br />