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March 7, 2019 <br />BEACH COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />PROJECT TENTATIVE MEETING SCHEDULE <br />March 6 GP Steering Committee (Friends of the Library Room 6 p.m.) <br />1. Discussion of a draft Request for Proposals for Consulting Services to reflect the Listen <br />Citywide <br />and Learn phase of the General Plan Update <br />2. Discussion of the timing of the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) involvement <br />March 7 Planning Commission <br />1. Policy L-6 waiver for encroachment permit at 3100 Breakers Drive —Dave Keely (PW) <br />District 6 <br />2. Annual General Plan/Housing Element progress report — Melinda/Jaime <br />Citywide <br />March 8 Coastal Commission (California African American Museum, Los Angeles) <br />1. Finley Tract Resident Permit Parking Program (RP3), substantial Issue hearing — Jim <br />District 1 <br />March 12 City Council <br />1. 3 -year construction duration ordinance introduction (new business) — Samir <br />Citywide <br />2. Hoag 6 -month DA Extension (PA2018-024) (ordinance 2nd reading) —Jim <br />District 2 <br />3. Potential development standard changes for lots subject to the new VE zone <br />District 1 <br />(Study Session) — Patrick/Jaime <br />March 14 Zoning Administrator <br />1. Lido Sands Recreation Area at 4700 Lido Sands Drive (PA2018-247) — Chelsea <br />District 1 <br />2. CopleyWest MUP vehicle sales/storage at 1620 Monrovia Ave (PA2018-282) — Melinda <br />District 2 <br />March 14 Community Meeting (Marina Park 6 p.m.) <br />Discussion of the new Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) effective March 21, 2019, <br />Designated <br />issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) <br />Flood Zones <br />FEMA representatives will be at the meeting to discuss and answer questions <br />March 20 Balboa Village Advisory Committee (Marina Park 4 p.m.) <br />1. Wayfinding program update, streetscape improvement, implementation matrix update <br />District 1 <br />March 20 GP Steering Committee (Council Chambers 6 p.m.) <br />March 21 Planning Commission <br />1. Mesa Drive Townhomes at 20462 Santa Ana & 1501 Mesa Drive (PA2017-218) — Liz <br />District 3 <br />2. E Art Gallery Appeal at 2721 East Coast Hwy. (PA2018-177) (public hearing) — Chelsea <br />District 6 <br />March 26 City Council <br />1. Annual General Plan/Housing Element progress report — Melinda/Jaime <br />Citywide <br />2. Land Management System Update (study session) —Dan Campagnolo <br />Citywide <br />March 28 Zoning Administrator <br />1. The 944 Via Lido Nord Trust Residence at 944 Via Lido Nord (PA2018-279) — Joselyn <br />District 1 <br />2. The Dube Duplex Alteration at 909 East Balboa Boulevard (PA2018-072) — Ben <br />District 1 <br />3. Sushi II Minor Use Permit at 100 W Coast Hwy (PA2018-273) — Liz <br />District 3 <br />4. Beljak Residence CDP at 1713 East Bay Avenue (PA2019-005) — David <br />District 1 <br />April 3 GP Steering Committee (Oasis 6 p.m.) <br />April 4 Planning Commission <br />The tentative schedule is a tool to assist in the preparation of future agendas. It does not provide a <br />complete description of projects and it does not list all projects currently under review that could be <br />scheduled. The tentative schedule subject to change without notice. <br />