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COUNCILMEN <br />ROLL CALL <br />Present x x x <br />Wsent <br />Motion x <br />Ayes x x x <br />Absent <br />i <br />I <br />i <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING <br />Place: Council Chambers <br />Time: 7:30 P.M. <br />Date: February 8, 1971 <br />Roll Call: <br />The reading of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of <br />January 25, 1971 was waived, and said Minutes were <br />approved as written and ordered filed. <br />HEARINGS: <br />MINUTES <br />1. Mayor Hirth opened the public hearing regarding the <br />appeal of The Irvine Company from the decision of <br />the Planning Commission denying Use Permit No. <br />1494, a request to permit construction of a 260 unit <br />apartment house complex on portion of Block 94, <br />Irvine's Subdivision, located on the southwest corner <br />of Pacific Coast Highway and Jamboree Road, north <br />of the proposed realignment of Bayside Drive (Prom- <br />ontory Point). <br />A report from the Planning Director regarding the <br />findings of the Planning Commission was presented <br />with letters opposing the proposed Promontory Point <br />development from Alan L. Blum, Ruth Blum and the <br />Board of Directors of the Woman's Civic League of <br />Newport Harbor. <br />The City Clerk stated that a letter had.been received <br />from The Irvine Company stating that certain matters <br />in connection with Promontory Point development <br />remained unresolved, and requesting the City Council <br />to return Use Permit No. 1494 to the Planning Com- <br />mission for deliberation and response on said matters <br />She also stated that in addition to the letters hsted'on <br />the agenda, 'there had been received ' fhirty -two protes <br />letters and fifteen protest telegrams.. <br />Jim Taylor, Director of Planning for The Irvine Com- <br />pany, spoke regarding the seven key elements as <br />mentioned in the letter above. <br />The following people spoke from the audience pro- <br />testing high density use on Promontory Point: Dr. . <br />S. R. Nord, Colonel Franklin, Joe Mariscal. Harvey <br />Pease, Mrs. Herbert Gocke, Joe Arnold; Tom <br />Houston, President of the Balboa Island Improvement <br />Association; Dr. Robert Hendricks, representing the <br />Irvine Homeowners Association; Brooks Bernard, <br />Secretary of Breakers Drive Association and Tom <br />Hyans, President of the Central Newport Beach Com- <br />Volume 25 - Page 27' <br />INDEX <br />Promon- <br />tory <br />Point <br />