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ROLL CALI <br />• <br />Prese <br />Absen <br />Motio: <br />Ayes <br />Absen <br />Motio: <br />Aye s <br />Absen <br />• <br />Motio <br />Ayes <br />Abser <br />COUNCILMEN <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH MINUTES <br />REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING <br />Place: Council Chambers <br />Time: 7:30 P. M. <br />Date: February 14, 1972 <br />Mayor Hirth presented a Proclamation to Mrs. Stanley S. <br />Clark designating Colonel Stanley S, Clark, United States <br />Air Force, Missing in Action February 14, 1969, as New- <br />port Beach's official symbol of concern for all Newport <br />Beach Prisoners of War and Missing in Action, and pro- <br />claiming Monday, February 14, 1972 as Colonel Stanley S. <br />Clark Day. <br />ROLL CALL: <br />The reading of the Minutes was waived, the Minutes. of, - <br />January 24 were approved .as amended and the Minutes of <br />the Adjourned Meeting of January 31, 1972 were approved <br />as written, and ordered filed. <br />The reading in full of all ordinances and resolutions under <br />consideration was waived, and the City Clerk was directed <br />to read by titles only. <br />HEARINGS: <br />INDEX <br />1. Mayor Hirth opened the public hearing to consider the General <br />adoption of the General Policy Report of the Newport Plan <br />Beach General Plan. <br />A letter from the Newport Harbor Chamber of Com- <br />merce's General Development Plan Liaison Committe <br />enclosing recommended revisions to the General <br />Policy Report was presented with a report from the <br />Community Development Director. <br />Jay Kallan and Blackie Gadarian spoke regarding <br />human waste from boats and future dredging of the <br />bay. Supervisor Ronald Caepers spoke briefly from <br />the audience. <br />The hearing was continued to February 22, 1972. <br />2. Mayor Hirth opened the public hearing in connection <br />with Ordinance No. 1424, being, <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />BEACH REZONING PROPERTY AND AMENDING <br />DISTRICT MAP NO. 9, <br />Planning Commission Amendment 308, amending a <br />portion of subject map from a C -1 classification to <br />an R -4 classification and establishing a 4'0" front <br />Volume 26 - Page 30 -A <br />Dist <br />Map 9 <br />