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Resolution No. 2019-46 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />1. Hair stylists <br />2. Nail technicians <br />3. Real estate agents. <br />D. The assessment for all other businesses within the CdM BID shall be one <br />hundred fifty percent (150%) of the annual business license tax as established pursuant <br />to Newport Beach Municipal Code ("NBMC") Chapter 5.08. <br />Section 3: The penalty for delinquent payments shall be equal to that <br />established for delinquent business license fees pursuant to NBMC Chapter 5.04, <br />providing that the penalty to be added shall in no event exceed fifty percent (50%) of the <br />assessment amount due. <br />Section 4: The benefit assessments shall be collected by the City of Newport <br />Beach, or its designee, in one annual installment. The assessment for new businesses <br />shall be pro -rated according to the number of full months remaining in the CdM BID's <br />fiscal year. <br />Section 5: The improvements and activities to be funded by the benefit <br />assessments shall include only the following: <br />A. Marketing, advertising, and public relations; <br />B. Public area improvements and maintenance programs; <br />C. Promotion of public events that are to take place on or in any public places <br />in the area; <br />D. General promotion of retail trade activities; and <br />E. Administration. <br />The implementation of these actions is described in the Annual Report, which is on file <br />with the City Clerk's Office located at 100 Civic Center Drive, Bay 2E, Newport Beach, <br />CA 92660. <br />Section 6: The location of the CdM BID will remain the same: Generally located <br />on East Coast Highway from Hazel Drive to Avocado Avenue, as set forth with greater <br />specificity in the boundary map attached hereto as Exhibit A, and incorporated herein by <br />reference. <br />