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CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />COUNCIL MEMKRS REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES <br />\ � \\ 1ers <br />TE <br />DATE: Council . 199 <br />ROLL Cfl \\ <br />INDEX <br />Joys Crigliano, Branch Manager for Wells Fargo <br />Bank, presented an oil painting by Artist, <br />Frank Kallik to Mayor Sansone for the City's <br />permanent art collection. <br />The 1991 -92 CULTURAL ARTS GRANTS were <br />• <br />presented by Marilee Stockman, Chairperson of <br />the Arts Commission. <br />Present <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />x <br />A. ROLL CALL. <br />Motion <br />x <br />B. Reading of Minutes of Meeting of July 8, <br />All Ayes <br />1991, was waived, approved as written, <br />and ordered filed. <br />Motion <br />x <br />C. Reading in full of all ordinances and <br />All Ayes <br />resolutions under consideration was <br />waived, and City Clerk was directed to <br />read by titles only. <br />D. HEARINGS: <br />1. Mayor Sansone opened the continued <br />Ord 91 -28 <br />public hearing regarding: <br />Zoning <br />(94) <br />ORDINANCE NO. 91 -28, being, <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />AMENDING DISTRICTING MAPS NOS. 6 <br />AND 23 SO AS TO RECLASSIFY <br />PROPERTY LOCATED IN THE R -4 <br />DISTRICT TO THE P -C DISTRICT; <br />REMOVING THE SPECIFIC PLAN <br />DESIGNATION FROM THE SITE; AND <br />ADOPTING PLANNED COMMUNITY <br />• <br />DISTRICT REGULATIONS AND <br />DEVELOPMENT PLAN ON PROPERTY <br />COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE BALBOA BAY <br />CLUB, AND THE ACCEPTANCE OF AN <br />ENV33LONMENTAL DOCUMENT [PLANNING <br />COMMISSION AMENDMENT NO. 739]; <br />PCA 739 <br />AND <br />USE PERMIT NO. 3422 - A request of <br />U/P 3422 <br />the BALBOA BAY CLUB to allow hotel <br />and restaurant uses in conjunction <br />with the redevelopment of the <br />Balboa Bay Club; <br />AND <br />TBAFFIC STUDY NO. 75 - A request <br />Traffic <br />by INTERNATIONAL BAY CLUBS, INC., <br />Study No.! <br />to approve a Traffic Study in <br />conjunction with the redevelopment <br />of the Balboa Bay Club. <br />Report from the Planning <br />Department. <br />• <br />wnlann 45 _ Ra on 997 <br />