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Consideration of Planning and Land Use Entitlements for Vivante Senior Housing, <br />Located at 850 and 856 San Clemente Drive (PA2018-185) <br />August 13, 2019 <br />Page 3 <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Project Setting <br />The site is located on the northwest portion of Newport Center. To the north are 524 <br />apartment units known as Villas Fashion Island. To the east is a parking structure that <br />serves surrounding land uses. To the west is an office building located at 888 San <br />Clemente Drive. To the southwest across San Clemente Drive are 245 apartment units <br />known as The Colony. To the southeast also across San Clemente Drive is a surface <br />parking lot and office building occupied by Pacific Life. <br />The Property is presently occupied by the Orange County Museum of Art and supporting <br />administrative office building. The site consists of two parcels, which are 86,910 square <br />feet and 39,690 square feet (2.9 acres total) in area. Primary access is currently taken <br />from a shared driveway to the southwest at 888 San Clemente Drive. A secondary access <br />driveway is located at the northeast corner of the site providing access to and from Villas <br />Fashion Island at the rear of the parking structure at 800 San Clemente Drive. <br />The current General Plan land use designation for the property is PI (Private Institutions). <br />The PI land use designation is intended to provide for privately owned facilities that serve <br />the public, including places for religious assembly, private schools, health care, cultural <br />institutions, museums, yacht clubs, congregate homes, and comparable facilities. The <br />site is designated as Anomaly No. 49, and the combined maximum development capacity <br />is 45,208 square feet for both properties. This land use designation is based on the <br />Orange County Museum of Art and associated administrative office building, which totals <br />approximately 37,567 gross square feet. <br />The site is currently designated for Civic/Cultural/Professional/Office land uses in the <br />PC -19 (San Joaquin Plaza Planned Community) Zoning District. <br />16-3 <br />