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RESOLUTION NO. 2019-75 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, APPROVING <br />GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT NO. GP2018-003 TO <br />CHANGE THE LAND USE DESIGNATION FROM <br />PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS (PI) TO MIXED-USE <br />HORIZONTAL (MU -H3) FOR THE VIVANTE SENIOR <br />HOUSING PROJECT LOCATED AT 850 AND 856 SAN <br />CLEMENTE DRIVE (PA2018-185) <br />WHEREAS, an application was filed by Nexus Development Corporation <br />representing Vivante Newport Center, LLC ("Applicant"), with respect to property located at <br />850 and 856 San Clemente Drive, and legally described as Parcel 2 of Newport Beach Lot <br />Line Adjustment No. 95-3 together with Parcel 2 of Resubdivision No. 501, Assessor's <br />Parcel Nos. 442-261-05 and 442-261-17 ("Property"); <br />WHEREAS, the Applicant proposes the demolition of the existing Orange County <br />Museum of Art ("OCMA") (23,632 square feet) and associated administrative office building <br />(13,935 square feet) to accommodate the development of a 183,983 -square -foot, six -story <br />combination senior housing (90 -unit residential dwelling units) and memory care facility (27 <br />beds) ("Project"). The approximately 2.9 acre site is located on San Clemente Drive opposite <br />the intersection with Santa Maria Road; <br />WHEREAS, in order to implement the Project, the Applicant, requests the following <br />approvals from the City of Newport Beach ("City"): <br />• General Plan Amendment — To amend Anomaly No. 49 to change the land <br />use category from PI (Private Institutions) to MU -H3 (Mixed -Use Horizontal). <br />The proposed amendment also includes 90 additional dwelling units and would <br />reduce the nonresidential floor area from 45,208 square feet to 16,000 square <br />feet in Statistical Area L1. Table LU1 is amended to reflect a total of 540 <br />dwelling units authorized within the MU -H3 land use designation, <br />• Planned Community Development Plan Amendment — To modify the San <br />Joaquin Plaza Planned Community Development Plan (PC -19) to include <br />development and design standards to allow for 90 senior dwelling units and 27 <br />memory care beds. The Applicant also requests an increase in the height limit <br />from 65 feet to 69 feet with 10 feet for appurtenances, <br />