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Planning Commission Resolution No. PC2019-023 <br />Page 2 of 18 <br />SECTION 2. CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT DETERMINATION. <br />This Project is categorically exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act <br />("CEQA") pursuant to Section 15303 and Section 15315 under Class 3 (New <br />Construction or Conversion of Small Structures) of the CEQA Guidelines, California Code <br />of Regulations, Title 14, Division 6, Chapter 3, because it has no potential to have a <br />significant effect on the environment. <br />The Class 3 exemption applies to apartments, duplexes, and similar structures designed <br />for not more than six (6) dwelling units in urbanized areas. The proposed live -work <br />development is consistent with all requirements of the Class 3 exemption, as it contains <br />two (2) live -work units on two existing nonresidential sites. <br />SECTION 3. REQUIRED FINDINGS. <br />Coastal Development Permit <br />In accordance with Section 21.52.015 (Coastal Development Permits, Findings and Decision) <br />of the NBMC, the following findings and facts in support of such findings are set forth: <br />Finding: <br />A. Conforms to all applicable sections of the certified Local Coastal Program (LCP). <br />Facts in Support of Finding: <br />The Project complies with applicable residential development standards including, but <br />not limited to, floor area ratios, setbacks, height, open space, and parking. <br />The maximum gross floor area allowable for residential uses is 2,100 square feet <br />(i.e., floor area ratio [FAR] of 1.0) per unit. The proposed gross floor area for <br />residential use is 2,093 square feet per unit. <br />b. The minimum gross floor area allowable for nonresidential uses is 735 square feet <br />(i.e., FAR of 0.35) and the maximum allowable is 1,050 square feet (i.e., FAR of <br />0.50) per unit. The proposed gross floor area of the nonresidential use is 735 <br />square feet per unit. <br />c. The Project provides the minimum required setbacks, which are 10 feet along the <br />rear property line abutting the alley. There are no minimum setbacks required for <br />the interior side property lines or the front property lines along West Balboa <br />Boulevard. <br />d. The highest flat roof portion or railing is no more than 26 feet above the established <br />grade for the purposes of measuring height. The highest ridge is no more than 31 <br />feet above this grade. Therefore, the Project will comply with the maximum height <br />requirements. <br />