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Planning Commission Resolution No. PC2019-023 <br />Page 3 of 18 <br />e. The Project includes parking spaces for each live -work unit by way of a two (2)-car <br />garage. Two (2) additional open parking spaces per unit are provided to serve <br />customers or visitors. Therefore, the Project will comply with the minimum parking <br />requirements. <br />2. The immediate area is developed with predominately one (1)- and two (2)-level <br />structures with a wide range of uses. To the north across the alley is a two (2)-level <br />parking structure serving the private community of Bay Island, to the south across West <br />Balboa Boulevard are primarily two (2)-story, single-family residences. The properties <br />to the east and west along West Balboa Boulevard are predominantly developed with <br />single-, two (2)-, and three (3)-story residential and nonresidential structures. <br />Additionally, the Balboa branch of the Newport Beach Public Library is located to the <br />east across Island Avenue. <br />3. The Project design includes second- and third -floor decks, which serve to set back the <br />second- and third -floor living areas from the street. This feature serves to remove some <br />of the massing keeping the Project at a pedestrian scale, which will help maintain <br />compatibility with the neighborhood. <br />4. The Project has been designed such that it will be compatible with the scale of expected <br />future development and is consistent with floor area ratio, height, bulk and massing <br />requirements of the MU-V Coastal Zoning District. <br />5. The Property is separated from the beach by West Balboa Boulevard and two (2) rows <br />of residential development. It is approximately 860 feet from the mean high tide line to the <br />south and approximately 500 feet from the bay front to the northwest. The finish floor <br />elevations of the first floor for the proposed structures are 9.26 and 9.30 feet based on <br />the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88), which complies with the <br />minimum 9.00-foot (NAVD 88) elevation standard for new structures. The identified <br />distances from the coastal hazards areas coupled with the 9.00-foot (NAVD 88) finish floor <br />elevation, will help to ensure the Project is reasonably safe for the economic life of the <br />structures. <br />6. The Property is located in an area known for the potential of seismic activity and <br />liquefaction. All projects are required to comply with the California Building Code ("CBC") <br />and Building Division standards and policies. Geotechnical investigations specifically <br />addressing liquefaction are required to be reviewed and approved prior to the issuance of <br />building permits. Permit issuance is also contingent on the inclusion of design mitigation <br />identified in the investigations. Construction plans are reviewed for compliance with <br />approved investigations and CBC prior to building permit issuance. <br />7. The Project design addresses water quality with a construction erosion control plan and a <br />post -construction drainage system that includes drainage and percolation features <br />designed to retain dry weather and minor rain event run-off on -site. Any water not retained <br />on -site is directed to the City's storm drain system. <br />